When we were staying with the in laws in Shoreditch, London Sundays were dedicated to the pursuit of donuts.
And when I say pursuit I mean it. Let me explain.
We were staying quite close to Fergus Henderson's Bread+Wine restaurant opposite the Spitafields market. On Sundays they baked donuts.
They were possessing as Justin the baker/partner described the "licko lip" factor.
They would sell out.... real quick.
So Sundays would be coloured by the knowledge that someone (usually me) had to jump on the bike and go donut gathering. Twelve at a time .
Now Kirsty has brought a little Sunday donut action to Nikau with her cream filled fat boys that undoubtedly will not stay long in the cabinet.


  1. My colleague Hannah, stumbled upon one of these donuts recently and she has changed. She has acquired an air of desperation, and longing.

    She says they are one of her greatest ever food experiences. I haven't been quick enough to get one to verify this.

  2. At last I have tried one of these splendid creations.
    Totally delicious. Believe the hype