we recievd our latest and last deliver of tangelos from te aranaga gardens in Whakatane this week so we will enjoy some of the following one last time until we receive next seasons crop.

- freshly squeezed for Saturday service.
- made into tangelo cordial served over ice and soda ( like big persons fanta.)
- highball, ice, tangelo and lashings of campari
- tangelo and yoghurt sorbet
- and best of all, tangelo jelly...

Sloe gin

If you know Wellington you will know there are some quite unique valleys and hillsides that encourage all sorts of growing conditions.
One of these is the up Moonshine Valley road where Wendy and Trevor live and grow a surprising array of goodies. We have made Medlar cheese from their Medlars, Damson paste, Gooseberry jam, Elderflower syrups and most recently Sloe gin from their Sloe berries.
The berries have sat in the shade for a wee while now and served with soda and lemon syrup over ice they are a real summery treat.

takeaway some maxey

Next time you buy a takeaway coffee from us you will be sipping from our newly designed cups. With the help of Sarah Maxey you can enjoy a little typographic treat in the form of 'Wakey Wakey' or 'Lucky'.