unsung heroes

For all of you who walk into the cafe and head straight to the cabinet to see what scrummy baked goods are on offer I thought it important to give thanks to those responsible.
Sarah and Kirsty share the duties of Baker at Nikau.
Each day they work their magic with butter and flour to bring you cheese scones, fruit danishes, delightful delicate macaroons, tempting custard tarts and their increasingly famous cream filled donuts.
The bakery is literally six feet under where you stand when you're at the cake cabinet so spare a thought for these two artisans baking away when you're eyeing up that almond brioche or a coconut bun.



When we were staying with the in laws in Shoreditch, London Sundays were dedicated to the pursuit of donuts.
And when I say pursuit I mean it. Let me explain.
We were staying quite close to Fergus Henderson's Bread+Wine restaurant opposite the Spitafields market. On Sundays they baked donuts.
They were possessing as Justin the baker/partner described the "licko lip" factor.
They would sell out.... real quick.
So Sundays would be coloured by the knowledge that someone (usually me) had to jump on the bike and go donut gathering. Twelve at a time .
Now Kirsty has brought a little Sunday donut action to Nikau with her cream filled fat boys that undoubtedly will not stay long in the cabinet.

nikki nakki AFC

the summer season of twilight 5 a side soccer begins tomorrow and we are back to defend our stellar record of well....turning up.
this year a little spice has been added with the addition of a team from the City Gallery .
the great cafe v gallery smackdown in three weeks time will have blood on the grass and bragging rights up for grabs. well maybe not quite that brutal.
keep an eye out for our results and the walking wounded staff .