back cooking...

It must have been a good period of holidaying if the number of postings on this blog is any indication.
We certainly haven't been the most prodigious bloggers but now we are back in business it seems we should let you know what has been going on.
The cafe opened on the 14th of September and we have scaled back our opening hours somewhat. Gone are the Friday night trade and Sundays are now a day for everyone at the cafe to enjoy at home.
A little indulgent you might think but all that time off has left us a little more receptive to less work.
We announced our return with a stall at the city market selling kedgeree, rhubarb tarts and Kelda's jams.
Then before we knew it we were opening the doors to the public and welcoming back customers.


  1. I can't wait to come back for a visit!
    We Wallaces sure do miss Nikau :(

  2. Kelda get your frypan ready we will be in at 9am on the 27th Feb