Tips for great porridge

Use fine cut organic oats, and soak them in cold water overnight. For 3/4 cup oats, a medium size serving, use 1 1/2 cups water

You could soak them on the day if you are able to give it half an hour

Add 1/2 a cup milk and a pinch of salt before cooking

Stand over the porridge pot, stirring all the time until it boils. This,with the soaking time is the most important factor, the starch in the oats behaving just like the starch from the rice in risotto, binding the liquid into a creamy texture. Give it some love at this stage and it will all pay off!

Once it boils turn it down to gentle bubble, and you can walk away and make a cup of tea. Stir occasionally, letting it simmer for 5 minutes, adjusting the consistency with a little more milk or water before serving.

One further tip - ZanyZeus milk is the essential addition to a bowl of porridge.
I can say with complete confidence that this milk is superior in every way to others on the market in Wellington.

Sautéed apples

This is one of the many variations of what we secretly call our deluxe porridge.
Possibly an oxymoron.
In essence this is how I see Nikau food; humble things, made well. It’s surprising to me how ordinary things done with care can make our customers so happy!

Use any tart apple, be aware that apples like Ballerat, and Sturmer, while delicious, will not stay in nice neat slices if they are overcooked, but will turn into caramelised applesauce. Not a problem, and probably quite nice to eat on top of porridge. I quite like Cox’s Orange for flavour and ability to keep it’s shape. Braeburn is another that stays neat and tidy. Just slightly less inspiring as far as taste goes.

3 apples
20g/large tablespoon unsalted butter
4T sugar
2- 3T apple juice or water

Peel , quarter and core the apples. Cut each quarter into 2 or 3 thick slices. Try and make the slices an even thickness so they will cook in a similar time
Heat a heavy fry pan that can accommodate all the apple slices in one layer, put the butter in and wait till it sizzles. Put in the apple slices and toss to coat them in the butter. Once evenly coated distribute in one layer in the pan Fry on a brisk heat till until the apples have coloured to somewhere between golden and nut brown. Turn gently and cook the other side. Sprinkle over the sugar and toss with the apples, keeping the heat high for only one minute. Turn down the heat, pour the water or apple juice into the pan and cook gently, shaking the pan from time to time till the apples are just tender and the liquid and sugar have formed a thick syrup. Serve warm.

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  1. Hi there,
    Defering to you in most culinary matters, I feel compelled to draw your attention to how yummy a mix of fine and coarse oats is! But especially the delights of soaking overnight in zany zeus blue milk! (No water!) Sitting on the bench! God knows it's cold enough in Wellington to stop any bugs growing too quickly...