Sloe gin

If you know Wellington you will know there are some quite unique valleys and hillsides that encourage all sorts of growing conditions.
One of these is the up Moonshine Valley road where Wendy and Trevor live and grow a surprising array of goodies. We have made Medlar cheese from their Medlars, Damson paste, Gooseberry jam, Elderflower syrups and most recently Sloe gin from their Sloe berries.
The berries have sat in the shade for a wee while now and served with soda and lemon syrup over ice they are a real summery treat.

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  1. Dishes with sloe gin usually are common and will squeeze in a incredibly one of a kind flavor any time combined with other designs involving alcohol consumption. The majority of this formulas will squeeze in a basic syrup involving sugars in addition to water to aid while using tastes mixing up in addition to supplying some sort of smooth beverage.

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