We got a delivery of lovely Meyer lemons from Sabzi Organics last week. They've been turned into sweet and fragrant lemon-vanilla bean marmalade. We've also cooked up a batch of grapefruit marmalade. This batch seems full flavoured but not bitter, with lovely thin threads of translucent peel. I have Margarite to thank for her patient slicing. We've got jars on the counter along with some old fashioned lemonade syrup.

For a proper bitter marmalade we're waiting for the Seville oranges - they seem pretty hard to get hold of, so if anyone knows of a secret backyard Seville tree, let us know!

I'm looking forward to the citrus season - it seems perfectly timed to get us through the last tedious months of winter. At Commonsense today, and there were new season navels. Caramel oranges? Orange, feta and cress salad with the organic red onions I pickled last summer? Let's see...

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  1. I like the jars stickers and I strongly feel i also might like the contents....