Stone Valley olive oil

For the last few years we have been using Stone Valley Extra Virgin olive oil as our premium olive oil. It's what you get when you order bread and oil, and we (used to) sneak dashes of it into all sorts of things. I'm looking forward to the day we can use New Zealand olive oil in everything that we do!

Stone Valley is run by Odell Sugrue, who planted her first trees just south of Greytown in 1997. A true food person. Last time I was there I was lucky enough to have lunch with her - the entire meal was from her land, down to the pork sausages! What a fantastic thing. She has a great palate, and an great approach to quality, using organic methods, taking out varieties she feels aren't working and replanting with others.

When I first tasted Odell's lemon olive oil in 2007 it was a revelation. She grows the lemons too - Villa Franca from memory- and presses the lemons with the olives. I really enjoyed using it with asparagus, as it's season coincided with the release of the oil. One of our dishes was a simple plate of steamed asparagus, poached eggs, lemon olive oil, pecorino and chervil. She added a mandarin oil in 2008. I love to use it to finish winter salads, in particular I remember a beetroot, orange and watercress salad that was much enhanced by a drizzle of the mandarin oil.

Last year Odell made a special blend for Nikau.
This is a blend of Koroneiki and Leccino, harvested and pressed on the 25th June 2008 from 60% mature fruit. The resulting oil has herbal citrus aromas with a smooth fruity, cut salad leaves flavour and a slight peppery finish. The oil is well balanced and medium intensity. I feel that it has a fruitiness that is sometimes missing in the other extra virgin oils I tasted last year.

Due to our little holiday, we have some extra bottles of this good oil to pass on to our customers. It's in 750ml bottle, for $45
This blend is different from the one on sale at Moore Wilson's, which is a 250ml for $20. This is a bargain! We only have 10 bottles, so be quick!

e mail me if you'd like a bottle -

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